I Didn’t Need These …

Fiorentini+BakerBootstext… but I got them anyway!!!  Fiorentini + Baker is one of those exceptional boot brands (like Dr. Martens) where the shoes last forever.  You can’t break them.  But they are triple the price of a pair of Docs.  What’s worse is that people on eBay want to sell their Fiorentini + Bakers hand-me-downs for ridiculous prices (which means they’re a good investment because they maintain their value).  But I am not one to pay 75% of the full retail price for boots someone has beat up!  You’re having a laugh!  This is one of those cases where the Outnet is actually cheaper than everyone else.  Including second hand.  And as luck would have it they just got in a smattering of styles today.  So, if you’re in the market for a good pair of boots, don’t sleep.

–  Aja