Giveaways: Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday!


Remember when I promised you all free clothes?!?  Well I wasn’t kidding around.

Tall girls need not apply for this one (don’t worry tall girls, I’ll have things you can apply for, especially if you have big feet like me 10/41).  So who wants a pair of Diesel jeans?  I don’t know the exact inseam on these but I’ll tell you I’m 5’6 (almost 5’7) and they’re about a centimeter off the ground on me.  There was a day when these jeans fit me perfectly (with just the right amount of baggy slouch) but right now they pinch my love handles more than I enjoy.

Diesel definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to denim.  These jeans are almost ten years old (purchased in 2005) and they look amazingly current.  I can also vouch that they are extremely well made.  I’ve had many a pair of denim wear out especially in the thighs and these show no wear what-so-ever except around the hem (which came with the de-constructed look).

Size:  33

Materials:  100% cotton and shrunk from many washes.

Don’t be fooled by that number 33 from those skinny sleek Italians.  These things fit a size 8-10 best, especially if you’re going for that perfect oversized, comfy look.  If you’re a US12 (which I certainly am in some trousers) I do not recommend.

So how do you win?  Just leave a comment below.  The drawing will be open for TWO weeks (since it’s the inaugural giveaway and all).  After that time I’ll put all your names in a hat and draw the winner.  Sounds good?  So c’mon out lurkers.  Let us know you’re there.  Right now K-Line is the forerunner for all our giveaways, so someone better give her some competition!  (K-Line, we love you and you come up in conversation often.)

–  Aja