It Can’t Always Be Hearts And Flowers Around Here

It absolutely sickens me that I live in a country where people insist on frisking Muslims at any opportunity but let our own branch of homegrown terrorism operate covertly in our police departments.  If this is happening in Ferguson, YOU KNOW it’s happening other places too. How is someone like me safe when the people who are supposed to protect you are the same ones that would love to string you up from a tree?  And how is it that my nation as a whole is so obsessed with international terrorism but everyone ignores the fact that we clearly have a terrorism problem right here at home.  And no, they’re not Muslim extremists.  They’re Christian and they’re white.  I guess that just doesn’t fit the bill of what a “terrorist” looks like in some people’s eyes.  I find it equally daunting that none of our so called “liberal media” of the mainstream have reported on this story but the Daily Mail (an British publication) has.  Shame on you America. 

–  Aja