I Did a Terrible Thing, and it Made Me Feel So Good

I am so done with making excuses for men. I’ve stopped doing it for my boyfriends, even those who claim to have had such hard lives that they deserve a little extra patience from me. Now I think most of them use it as an excuse to get what they want and not take responsibility for it. As if my life has been so easy… Somehow my own circumstances are overlooked for the benefit of the boys. I’m there for them, not the other way around.

I’d rather stay single forever than to once more get into this pattern, and truth is that I’m usually very happy when I’m on my own. That’s when I play loud music and dance around the living room. Or when I have trouble sleeping at night because I’m so eager to wake up to another day. Or when the magic of life has me lost for words in awe.

I have however had a soft spot for my male friends because you know, some of them just don’t know any better. I’ve let them flirt and think it was okay. I’ve let them criticise me when I haven’t asked for advice. I’ve let them trample all over me, while they thought they were doing me a favour, and I haven’t told them otherwise. But today… I had just had it. It was the last round of unsolicited opinions I could take. I snapped! And you know me well enough by now to know that I rarely lose my temper. Aja, I think I’ve lost a friend, because I was not very nice to him, but letting off some steam was probably exactly what I needed. And I honestly don’t think I want him as a friend anymore anyway. I’m so done with that sort of behaviour. I am actually very capable of thinking for my self, you know..!

In the past, I’ve had more male friends than female friends. I didn’t always get along well with women, and it was more fun with the boys anyways. I don’t see it that way anymore. Boys usually want something from you, whether it is to get you in bed or to make them feel good about themselves. And I’ve been trained to deliver. I’ve started to realise how important female friendship is, and how much I value the women in my life. So thank you for being there as my friend.

Now, let us throw some pies!

– Agathe


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