New Year, New Attempt At This


So Agathe, it looks like we’re both serial blog quitters.  It’s not even like we do a hard quit, more like a slow fade.  But the thing is, I actually adore this blog.  I adore communicating with you regularly and this blog was one of the ways that we insured that we did that.  We sort of lost each other for just a little bit as we tend to do.  You never get worried because you are super relaxed and chilled out in a way that most people wish they could be.  I on the other hand freak the fuck out and worry if you’re upset with me, when the truth is, sometimes we just get busy or lazy or caught up in relationships of various degrees.  But this blog is such a touchstone so I’m back to it again!  Someone told me they really enjoyed it recently and it totally shocked me and then I felt guilty for being such a bad blog caretaker.  Now that my freelance work seems to be coming to a slow point (at one point I was working 18 hour days regularly) I have a moment to catch up on things, so this blog has become a priority again.  In addition to my daily Facebook video about fashion, politics and social justice.  That has actually become one of the bright things in my life.   I enjoy doing it and sometimes I feel like my words, which can be difficult to understand, come across easier to digest there.

But mostly I feel we can’t abandon this blog because “Never Date A Gemini” has become that blog post that people ALWAYS comment on.  Friendships have been formed there and it’s making me think you should write about astrological signs and relationships more often.  Because you obviously have a knack for it!  Anyway, good to see you again!  Let’s get this party started!

–  Aja

(Illustration by Saskia Keultjes)




2 thoughts on “New Year, New Attempt At This

  1. Sherry Lowman says:

    It would be extremely helpful if we had more direct communication. I’m still trying to survive with agreesisive up and feelings.. I should be num by now it would be easier..

    Thx Sherry


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