Every six months I have to drive my mother to an appointment on the other side of the state.  It takes an hour and some change, so we leave nice and early and she stresses out the entire ride there.  If everyone has a “thing” my mother’s “thing” is stressing about being late for things in a manner that is the ultimate fear of missing out.  I used to immediately tune her out but now my method is to put on a book on tape.  Right now the current rotation is Bringing Up Bébé, which is surprisingly … hilarious.  (I read a lot of parenting books … even though I don’t have kids.  I know.  But it’s good anthropology.)

Anyway at some point, the author refers to her husband’s habit of making piles of things on the floor as a sign of depression.  At that moment, my mother and I both whipped our heads around and gave each other a stare.  Not an accusing stare for making piles, but accusing the other person of judging you by the piles you know you make on the floor.  And then we both started laughing.


(Photo: here)




Snippets of our musings about love.

i feel like no matter who or how, it’s too time consuming. I end up spending my time pleasing them and making it work, and missing other opportunities.   I guess I can see myself dating someone at some point, but it would have to be someone who’d make me better, and who’d I could collaborate with on project”

“Interesting.  Me?  I just don’t want to uproot my life for any man right now.   Unless it’s something I’m into 200%.  I’m not halfassing romance at this point in my life.”

“i just want to get my own life started and get into writing again.”
“I don’t want to tire myself with any elses emotions, dreams or desires but my own right now.  I don’t even care if it sounds selfish.”


Looks like in the new year they’ll be lots of creative projects but not as much talks about love.  But that’s a good thing, I think.

–  A + A

Out With The Old


What do you do with an aged sweater?  I have this problem where I have no idea what to do with clothing once it’s knackered.  I always wear my clothing passed the point where it looks nice and I’m trying to ease up on that.  I bought this Helmut Lang sweater in November of 2012.  As one of the pricier items in my wardrobe, bought full price with a store credit (a rarity for me), it has been worn constantly in the winter.  It’s super cozy, nubby and wonderful.  But after three years of consecutive winter use, it looks really worn.  Which honestly doesn’t say much for the quality of a sweater vs the price.  I have a Pringle of Scotland sweater bought at the same time which is still working galloping like an energetic pony.  Meanwhile this pricier Helmut Lang sweater looks like it needs to be taken out back … and shot.  The elbows are looking threadbare and the arm pits are stretched.  So my question is, what next?

I wish there were a place that recycled high quality knits and made baby sweaters out of it.  I’d feel really good about that.   Do you throw it away?  Sounds rather wasteful.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were a designer that re-worked old fancy old knits?  You can’t donate it, knowing no one wants a sweater with threadbare elbows.  What could I possibly do with this sweater that brought me so much joy but no longer looks nice?  Advise.


(Photos from La Garconne where I purchased the sweater).