Unstick Yourself

A helicopter overview of a 15 foot wave at Pipeline, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

A helicopter overview of a 15 foot wave at Pipeline, on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

My darling dear sweet friend, I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling stuck right now.  I know this feeling all too well and felt a smidgen of it last week after I returned from my visit to New York City, hence my most recent post.  Feeling stuck is the worst feeling ever.  You can literally count the seconds as your life ticks away and you muck about in your ennui.  It’s frustrating and uninspiring.  Please remember that you’re never as stuck as you think you are.   You are constantly reinventing yourself and that is your great strength.  So look at this time as a hiccup in your patterns of reinvention.  Think deeply about the person you wish to be and when you’ve reached a conclusion, go forward and reach it.

I just got back from a little walk around my neighborhood.  I love walking at night and the stillness that can be achieved there.  Since you currently have built in babysitters, I would recommend that you walk often and a lot by yourself.  Discover new places that you’ve never noticed before, take a notebook and pen and write down the things you see and how they make you feel.

Also, practice gratitude frequently.  I learned this from my good friend Siri Peterson Cavanna.  When I’m feeling more stuck than ever, I try and remember with every waking morning to give myself time for gratitude.  I allow myself to wake slowly, move into child’s pose and slowly thank the universe for the abundance that it has given me on this great path of life.  I ask it to remind me of whatever mission I was put here for and I try to practice that mindfulness through out the day.

And if you really want a cheap shot, watch the Republican Debate which aired last week on CNN.  You might feel screwed but you’ll never be as screwed as America will be if any of those people are elected as commander-in-chief!  Let’s have a Skype date tomorrow!  I should be around!  xoxo

– Aja

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3 thoughts on “Unstick Yourself

  1. Elisa says:

    I sure hope she is feeling better by now. She seems like such a beautiful person. Miss her posts.. My advice would be to try to change the way you look at things. Not only how you view yourself but others in your life and your current life situation as a whole. This is not easy, but it has helped me many times.. In fact, if you`re feeling stuck this is exactly what you have to do. Because it means you`re not seeing all the possibillities that are constantly there.. Because you`re never really stuck.. that is merely an illusion.. break the illusion..


    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      What a beautiful comment!!! I think changing the way you look at things can be challenging when you’re in an isolating environment … which my dear northern lass is. I think both of us go through the really stagnant time periods where it’s hard to come out of the fog ❤️ – Aja


  2. Elisa Hovby says:

    One of my favourite qoutes is “If you`re going through hell, keep going” I don`t know how Agathe is doing now, but anyway; when your feeling stuck, you have to keep on moving.. unstick yourself…;) That means; do something new. do not sit inside on your ass with a computer/TV. do something here and now! By doing this you can take in new perspectives and experiences, wich helps you to see things from another angle.. If there is not anything at all you want to do where you`re at; MOVE! unstick yourself…in other words: If your going through hell, don`t sit down and look at your depressing environment.. get off your ass and get the F*** out of there.. (mentally, physically or both) the sky is the limit 🙂


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