Alabama Summer 2015

Before I forget, I wanted to share some photos of my annual drive to Alabama and back.  This book accompanied me on my journey as it felt fitting as ever.

Believe it or not, you are not my first penpal.  Mischa is, we found each other on the internet circa 1997 when we were both moody, grumpy teenagers prone to petty spats.  Somehow our friendship survived and I would say it even grew and blossomed.  I promised him detailed photos of my journey but sometimes when I get engrossed in the trip, the photos become secondary.  But it’s not hard to illustrate the isolation my Gran lives in.  There’s so much I have to say about the isolation, the abandoned constructions, the fatty food, the crazy rainstorms, the luminous clouds which fill the evening sky, and last but not least, the churches, but I think I’ll let my photo journal do the talking.  I talk too much anyway.

– Aja

Alabama15.1Alabama15.2 Alabama15.3 Alabama15.4 Alabama15.5 Alabama15.6 Alabama15.7 Alabama15.8 Alabama15.9 Alabama15.10 Alabama15.11 Alabama15.15VATechConfederacy


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