Favorite Podcast


Plz Advise is the podcast I listen to every week.  I love it.  I love it because it’s pretty damn hilarious.  Sometimes I think Crissy and Kristina need to throw something at Molls when she uses really un PC terms (ex: Molls I love you but it’s “mentally disabled” now), but besides that I got nothing but love.  I never miss an episode.  I also really enjoy the way Molls and friends can casually slide into something as sensitive as rape, normalize it (because let’s be honest, it happens too damn much in our society and no one wants to talk about) and move on unscathed.

“I have had men be violent against me in my life.  But more than that, but here’s the thing, I think that if you’ve gone to college in America … you’ve been date raped.  And that’s kinda, I know it’s dark but I really do believe that.  Like I just think … It’s like HPV at this point, it happens to a lot of people.  And I also believe that a lot of people don’t realize.  Like it took me like seven years to realize that like that one time was essentially not my choice.” – Molls McAleer

“I actually have a one time like that too.  It was after college but I look back on that and I’m like ‘I did not give’ I still feel really weird about it like I didn’t give consent, I was way, way too drunk and yeah I kinda came to while we were having sex and I still feel super weird but I’m not angry at him but I feel like I should be and the whole thing is just a weird thing.” – Alison Rosen

Sometimes it does take a while before you realize you’ve been sexually assaulted and didn’t give consent.  For me it was years.  Maybe five, or six.  But for real, we’ve got to start changing these statistics.  Statistically one in four women will be raped on a college campus during the academic year.  The time to stop this is now.  The time to teach consent is now.  The time to change this statistic for next generation is NOW.

– Aja


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