A Farewell To Shoes


I bought these shoes in London the great summer of 2003.  There was a heatwave, which I just thought felt like normal Virginia summer and all my English friends thought felt like hell on earth, the wimps.  (One of my friends is in Florida as I type. I’m worried he might die from the humidity if there was such a thing).  During this time period when you walked into all the corner stores (off licenses), the chocolate bars in the front would be melted as air conditioning isn’t something that comes in abundance in the United Kingdom.  One of the things I do love about the English is they’re not as big on working oneself to death as Americans are.  On a really gorgeous summer day, the pubs are filled by 4pm as people find excuses to dip out of the office early and sit in the summer sun drinking beer.  I’m not even much of a drinker, but I like that a great deal.  I found myself with a lot of free time during that time period so I threw myself into getting to know every nook and cranny of London.  At that time period Office used to have an outlet store on St. Martin’s Lane that was epic.  Every week there was new merchandise and these shoes had been purchased there for (I think) £10, which was a good deal.  These shoes represent beating the London streets with regularity, impromptu barbecues (the English love that shit) and rolling around in the grass of London Fields with my first boyfriend.  They got walked up to the trash heap today as they are so busted up.  But they’re steeped with memories.

– Aja


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