Re: Carousel


I like the roller coasters! Especially those who have you go upside down. Which is weird, because I am terrified of them, and the thought have having no control what so ever, is kind of sickening to me. But at the same time, it gives me a weird thrill, and it is how I generally relate to things: Heading straight for what scares me the most.

I used to go on a lot of boat rides in terrible storms as a child, and I’d always get really seasick. One of these rides were particularly bad. We were in one of the smaller boats where you’re all crammed together beneath the deck. People were white with fear, and they were throwing up all around me. For the first time, I was not. Cause it dawned on me: How is this different from a roller coaster ride? Roller coasters are scary, yet I think they’re fun. So why not just close my eyes and imagine I’m at an amusement park instead?

So I did, and from that day on (until I got pregnant) I was never seasick again!

– Agathe

Roller coaster image here.


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