Things have been fairly serious not just on here but in our Skype conversations lately too.  I love that about us though.  We can make penis jokes and talk about America’s awful racist history and that’s an important element of friendship.  But there’s still so much I don’t know about you.  Like what’s your favorite amusement park ride?  I never pass on a swing carousel!  Although there is one I wish I had passed on.  The Star Flyer in Copenhagen’s Tivoli turned me green.  As an adult, when you get on these rides, sometimes you have terrible thoughts the whole ride like,

“What if this swing snaps and throws me to my death?  I can just read the headlines.”

So I closed my eyes, despite Ayana screaming for me to open them.

I don’t think it would have made me quite as ill if it had just been a normal swing.  What I failed to realize is that as you spin, the seats also spin in circles.  I was very close to being sick all over myself and Aisha called the ride “The Vomit Maker 2000” for the rest of the trip.

Here’s a video, some sly person took on the Star Flyer.  It doesn’t look so bad but believe me, IT IS.

– Aja

Look here


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