Stop, rewind.

A friend of mine once told me something that really stuck:

«You should be careful about burning bridges.»

It just often seems so much easier to walk away and never look back. Yet the last couple of years, I have found that I have appreciated keeping the door open, even for ex boyfriends who once hurt my feelings. Yes, Aja, even for ex boyfriends! Sometimes, with a little distance, we better see people for who they really are, and not who we expect or want them to be.

I’m thinking the same thing about my recent move. I was so done with that old place, so ready for something new, and coming here felt like breathing again. I notice it in little things, like how my outfits are more playful, and that I’m much more outgoing and laughing way more. I even retook a personality test and I had changed from introvert to extravert in just a few months. I’ve been ready to up and sell my house and move all my shit here. It just felt so damn good! Then I saw something on Facebook that struck me:

«Home is where the record player is.»

And it dawned on me: Home is there. I can be here for a while, get a break, have some fun. But this might not ever really be home. So I’m keeping the door open for a certain other ex too, my house.

– Agathe


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