Mindless Consumerism


The worst part of the annual trip to Alabama every year is surely the isolation.  My M’dear lives so far out in the country that you begin to understand how and exactly why people go insane when left alone for too long.  I do enjoy solitude in my element … but this is clearly NOT my element. So yesterday I ventured to the nearest mini mall (which is twenty miles away) and got hair ripped off an undisclosed part of my body.  I occasionally find that brand of masochism soothing.  I went to the Marshall’s across the street and came away with some bath stuff.  This Body Shoppe Fujian Water Lotus stuff smells like a dream vacation.  It came wafting out of the bathroom and floating down the hallway causing M’dear to say

“Child, when you die the world will owe you nothing.”

Literal translation:  You live the good life for yourself and I applaud that brand of selfishness and wish I had done more of it.

I know we’re all smug and holier-than-thou about our decreased consumerism, but every now and then I’m gonna take it there and break protocol.

–  Aja


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