Collecting stories

I think I told you not too long ago that I spent my life collecting stories, or better to say, I am creating stories. Almost like I am a sort of fictional character placed on earth just to experience things, then to write them down and send them back home. A little like uncle traveling Matt.

This may have something to do with the fact that I have been journaling since I was 9, and still do, which means that whatever I experience, I can always put some use into it. Happy or sad, there is always a story. This also means that I have a knack for ending up in strange situations. God knows how many «funny coincidences» and «twists and turns» I have gathered through the years. Sometimes when I talk about my life, I feel as if I come across as pretty daft. Like they secretly think «Doesn’t she ever learn?». And no… I don’t. I’m learning the same lessons now as I did at 16. (As you recently discovered.)

But I guess as you grow older, you lose interest in the drama. It’s a little like Hollywood movies. Even though the plot is different from movie to movie, the main structure is pretty much the same, and in the end it starts to become predictable. «Oooh, there’s a dramatic turn of events, but yay, it’s all good in the end.»

What I’ve been thinking about lately, is that even though I enjoy all the coincidences and all the good in the stories, I may not need all the twists and turns anymore. Oh, life is generally unpredictable, and that’s fine. But I don’t have to put myself through more of it than I feel like I can handle. It’s time to put on the break and slow down.

– Agathe


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