Agathe why is it that in the summer I always contemplate why I can’t live forever and in the winter I always wonder in particular why I was born?  Tonight I went for an evening swim and it was glorious.  I forgot how magical pools are at night.  As I swum laps, I distinctly remember thinking “I just want to feel this way forever”.  I don’t think I’m the only writer on this blog that feels stirred by the seasons either.  In the winter we are way more prone to let shit fall apart (mostly ourselves), suffer from all sorts of existentialist crisis’ and settle for less than we are deserving of in regards to love.  It is the worst.  I mean where I live we have snow for days and sometimes weeks, where you live it’s just cold and dark.  I think you actually got the shorter end of the stick mostly due to isolation.  But I spend so much time by myself in winter that I may as well be on an island.  Long live summer and let’s pledge right now to try and do better next winter.  But how do you keep the summer spirit alive inside of you?  Basically can we try and get through winter 2015 without an existentialist crisis?

–  Aja

PS – I meant to include some sort of photo but they don’t seem to want to upload so sorry about that.


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