Magical Moments #2

PartyInTheWoods (This is from a few days ago). Since the last time we wrote, a lot has happened.  I have moved.  I left my house and most of my things behind.  Right now I am renting a furnished apartment at a Ukrainian woman’s house on another deserted island, although closer to them mainland.  I live next to a big mountain, no ocean view, but not a long walking distance to one.  The closest shop doesn’t have much more than milk and one sort of snuff.  But the owner will hug me if I’m wearing a dress.  The better shop is far away.  If I text them, they deliver stuff to my door for free. There are great parties here.  It’s something that is unique for rural parts of Norway but that didn’t exist in Traena.  It’ll be at some crummy location, possibly outdoors by the harbor, in the rain.  They’ll be a live band playing.  Some chubby middle aged men.  Some chubby middle aged men doing cover songs. The age limit is 15. This means everyone gathers. Those who just turned 15, all the way to the 90 year olds. And they all get really pissed and dance their socks off. There’s one of these parties tomorrow. Only I don’t have a babysitter. Just in case, I texted that far away shop today, ordering some beer. They forgot all about it, and I didn’t bother to text again, since I was most likely not going to the party anyway. Then, in the evening, after I had put my son to bed, they had remembered. And I got cold beer delivered at my door. I thought, what the heck, I can have one right now! And so I am sitting here, staring at the mountain that has disappeared behind the fog, ordering cool stuff online from Iceland.  And really, nothing is very far away when it comes down to it. Not even you! –  Agathe


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