Magical Moments


Many times through the last few years, I’ve been so fed up with things that I swore in my next life, I’d take a long vacation to another planet.  I pictured myself dipping my toes in some multicolored water in some distant world far, far away, drinking space cocktails all day long and then I thought …why wait?

And sometimes life is just what you want it to be.  I had to go on a day trip to somewhere, just to pick up some stuff and go to a doctor’s appointment. Nothing exciting but in the evening I ended up getting drunk on Scotch with an elderly man.  It was a blast.

The next morning after my appointment, I stopped by a friend of mine and she had three bottles of Peach Canei sitting.  That horrible sweet stuff you got drunk on at 16.  We drunk them all!  At the age of 33, I had managed to get drunk twice within 24 hours.  And sobered up again in that time too.

After I returned back home, I went to bed and was thinking of how always at night, I look forward to my iced coffee and snuff in the morning.  Then I though … why wait?

I got out of bed.  Found a big chunk of chocolate, made myself an iced coffee and dug out my snuff.  Ahhh!  Life!  Even at the age of 33, there’s still something magical about being an adult.  I can eat candy when I want, and stay up s late as I want and that fact has never stopped amusing me.

So I’ve decided to start my vacation early.  Like, right now.

–  Agathe

(Woo hoo!  Agathe’s back!  –  Aja)


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