Soul Mates


I’ve already met quite a few of my soul mates.

Agathe is my letter writing soul mate.

Sofia is my platonic soul mate who I would friend marry.

Matt is my I-could-poke-you-straight-in-the-eye soul mate.

But Mimmo I can’t quite give words to yet.

–  Aja

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Lazy Sunday


I’m reading this great book about building a routine and finding a creative rhythm.  One of the things I’m beginning to realize is that I beat myself up so much because I never work as much as I’d like to (the freelancer’s curse).  I never feel as if I’ve earned a vacation and sometimes I think I can compensate for a lack of sleep with other things.  Newsflash:  You can’t.  A lot of what drives my staunch self criticism is the fact that I live in a society that constantly glorifies the virtues of busy-ness.  The older I get the more I realize this isn’t a good thing at all.  Sure the devil makes work for idle hands but what good are hands if you’re dead?  More important, in our society we need more constant reminders that spending time with loved ones is never time wasted.   So I did exactly that this weekend.  No ballet, no work.  I wish I could say I unplugged from the internet, but here I am of course.  I slept long and hard today.  I woke up at nine am and went back to sleep at noon until three.  Isn’t the winter for hibernating anyway?  I gotta go easier on myself.  And now is a good time to start because it’s my least favorite time of the year.  Here’s a collection of lazy weekend moments.

–  Aja