My Favorite Things


I know this isn’t technically a fashion blog but being that fashion first brought Agathe and myself together, I’m not quite ready to quit the habit all together.  I’ve watched every show of A/W15 and I can say with absolute certainty that Joseph is my favorite so far.  A while ago someone asked me to explain my look and I responded that, “I just want to look like a clean pile of wrinkled laundry, all the times”.  It’s true.  I tend to buy a lot of items with free form shape.  I like having room to move and I like having things which are easy to put on and take off.  I prefer cotton and cashmere.  In my thirties I am far less fussy than I used to be.  I rarely enjoy clingy apparel unless it’s the dead of winter and I am layering up.  I would wear every single one of these pieces from Joseph.  Happily.  I have a pinterest board called Let’s Get Cozy and these pieces are the summation of my thought process when adding to that board.  I know basics like pinterest.  But a friend pointed out recently that my nail polish matched my watch and phone case so go ahead and put a check mark next to my name.  (I happen to buy a lot of mint green, alright?  Nothing’s deliberate when you’re as lazy as I am).

–   Aja



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