BirdsWingsRippedOffToday as I was walking home form the library, my eyes scanned absentmindedly upon something abstract and beautiful yet unrecognizable.  It sometimes takes my brain a moment before it zeros in and properly places value and definition on bizarre objects.  I came across a second object before my eyes fully registered the first.  A beautiful set of wings, ripped ruthlessly away from a body.  I need not mention what my eyes found next.  I had to walk away before I snapped these photos because I felt myself grow a bit faint from the images.

That’s how I feel every time I read the news in America.  Every single day it’s something and usually if it involves the death of a minority, there’s something grisly and horrific just waiting beyond the surface.  This country seems so beautiful in theory and so opulent from afar.   But if you stare too long, you realize what it is without the abstractions.  If you examine the true history, you will find what it is really built upon.   And it’s very ugly.  Those poor kids in Chapel Hill, NC.  In America eighteen makes you an adult.  But in my eyes, they were just kids.  Their lives hadn’t even started.

–  Aja


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