Shades Of Blue


For the longest time I thought that perhaps it was just me.  That maybe I was the only one that felt themselves grow a little hopeless in February.  We’ve now reached that time of year where I start counting the weeks until spring (five more, because you need to know).  I’m doing anything I possibly can to keep myself from turning into a raging ball of self hating fury.  One of the best things about facebook is perpetually cleaning house and keeping honest, open, interesting people around.  That’s the only way you realize that you’re not alone at all. So here’s some advice from my good friend Joanna, that I think needs to be shared.  We believe this story is about Frank Gehry:

“He used to despair greatly at the beginnings of each project. Like, deep dark, dark, dark hole despair. He believed he was the worst, he was a hack, he was overrated, he was a fraud. Then he would break through that and build a gorgeous amazing thing and feel good. But it would happen every single time. The darkness, the despair, etc.

Then at one point he said, “WAIT – I know this thing. This is the thing where I feel like a talentless fraud. This is a PART of what I do to create. This is a part of what makes me who I am, every single time I survive it.”

I think about that when I go dark. I think, ‘This is a part of me, and I survive it. It’s part of my process.’

February is dark. But then you get better. Maybe this is your process, and maybe eventually it won’t be.”

And that’s how I get through these time periods.  Smart friends.

–  Aja


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