Fleeting Thoughts


I always have wicked good thoughts while I’m brushing my teeth and tonight was no exception.

I realized that I have been very lucky to have only had my heart broken a few times when I’ve found myself dumped.  Most of the time whatever tears came (and they always came) were more so from the inability to hold something together and hold someone’s attention than the loss of the best company of my life.  I don’t like a lot of people.  And I haven’t loved every man I’ve carried on a relationship with.  But somehow whenever it ends, no matter how lacklustre it was, I always cry.  There have been way too many moments in my lifetime when what should feel like relief, feels like utter failure.

–  Aja

(Not that anyone needs a $40 water bottle.  But if you decide that you need one, you can get it here.)


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