You Get Better Every Time


This is what I can promise you, my dear friend with the wounded heart.  In a year you won’t feel this anymore.  Maybe even in a month.   Soon there will be times where you can listen to music you enjoyed together without feeling your pulse quicken and your protective instincts creep in.  We love hard and then we break hard.  But you are never completely broken.  You are more together and more whole than most people I know.  The only reason why it hurts so much is because you gave it your all.  You tried again despite having been hurt in the past. And you know what that is?  That’s bravery!  That’s courage!  It’s foolish and it’s wonderful all at once. And yes, you got out before you were dating a race car.  So hat’s off to you! I shall try and be a better friend and maybe not go along with things always just because you are enthusiastic.  Just promise me you won’t get mad with me if I start pointing out things that look problematic.  It’s tough because you know what?  No grown ass adult ever wants to hear what anyone else has to say about their love life.  And we both know it’s true!

You will be okay.  I told you that before and my stance has not changed.  In the words of many people more intelligent than I am, it doesn’t get easier.  You just get better.

–  Aja

Illustration by Khoa Lee


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