Why you should never date a gemini man


The gemini man is one who will leave you as emotionally fucked as he himself is. I know because I’ve been there plenty of times. He’ll tell you everything you want to hear, letting you believe you’ve found the man of your dreams, only to turn cold on you the next minute. The first time this happens, you give him the benefit of the doubt, because eventually he’ll come running back. But he’s a coward, so he won’t be returning until he feels it’s safe, meaning you’ll have to swallow all your anger and hurt and let him believe it’s all okay. And it’ll feel okay for a while because he knows how to say all the right things. The problem is that he has no idea how to stick with it. He’ll say one thing and do the complete opposite, and you can never expect him to follow through. Soon he’ll be running off again and leave you even more baffled than the first time. This is when you start doubting whether or not it’s worth it.

One of the problems with the gemini man is that he is easily influenced by others. When he’s with you, he’ll be all there, but as soon as he is with his family and friends, or even at work, it is like he vanishes in thin air. He won’t be thinking about you because he’s too busy mimicking whomever he is around. You might be safe for a while as long as those close to him love you as much as he seemed to, because then he’ll be reminded of your existence from time to time and might even send you a text message. If not, don’t expect to hear anything from him unless he wants something from you.

Don’t expect him to be there for you when you need it. You’ll need to be there for him. If you try turning to him for support you’ll be left endlessly disappointed. The best is to have no issues at all, need nothing from him and never ever criticize him, and that is why the only long term relationships he finds himself in is with emotionally dead people. If you have emotions, forget about it. He’ll fuck you so over you’ll never understand what happened.

He has a tendency to lie to you. He is a terrible liar and doesn’t even try to cover his tracks. If you confront him, he’ll act like he has no idea what you’re talking about, making you feel terribly frustrated and eventually you’ll have to choose between letting it go or dumping him completely. There’s no point in discussing the matter, he’ll have nothing of it.

He seems to have great plans for his life, but he’ll rarely get around to doing anything about it. He’ll drown himself in drugs and booze much sooner than he’ll actually admit to himself that he needs to get moving. The problem is that he keeps changing his mind and before he actually follows something through, he has other ideas about where his life is headed. In the end, he is pretty much on a standstill, even though his social and malleable character may leave you easily fooled. He’ll see the stars in your eyes and he’ll make you believe he is exactly the same, but when it comes down to it, he is nothing of the sort.

Deep down in the gemini man lie an array of emotions. That is why you might let him do his thing for a little too long. You’ll hope the wonderful man he really is will eventually come forth. But he is easily hurt and when he hurts he shuts off. When you finally realize it’s a dead end, you’ll have drained yourself by being too supportive and too accepting, and that’s when you snap. And as soon as you snap, he’ll run off and never come back. He won’t be thinking about you for a second. But if he believes you’ve forgotten him, he’ll be mad as fuck. And that’s the only thing you can do with a gemini, run before he runs away from you, delete all his contact info, never look back and leave him to stew in his own hurt feelings. At least that’s better than him doing the same to you, because he will.

So, this is what I’ve been up to lately, learning this lesson once again.

– Agathe

PS. I am sure there are plently of okay and mature geminis out there too, so don’t take my word for it.

Illustration from here.


220 thoughts on “Why you should never date a gemini man

  1. Librawoman213 says:

    I’m dumbfounded… I came across this blog because I googled how geminis act when they are mad.. I read a few things but once I came across this blog I was like woah!!! I actually read every single comment and honestly it’s left me feeling sad… I’ve been seeing this Gemini for some time… months, I met him last October. I am a Libra and am 40, he is 44. We connected on IG at some point way way way before but we hadn’t had many interactions, I think we connected because we are both artists. So we liked eachother’s art related stuff but that is about it. Anyhow when we finally did interact, he initially reached out to me because he created a small art piece that was inspired by me, of course I was totally flattered. He told me that I could have it and that is how we met up the first time. I would like to mention something very important though. He is NOT the typical Gemini. Once he started asking me out I looked up geminis and according to my findings we are supposed to be a great match. I read up on Gemini men, and I must say almost nothing that they say describes this one. He is a total introvert, and I think it is safe to say he is anti-social. For the first month or two that we were going out, I even thought that maybe he might just enjoy my company platonically, which I didn’t mind because I like people to take me out, but it was kind of confusing. During all this I had other men that liked me and were trying to get to know me which I didn’t mention or make a big deal out of because I was ok with being single but open to a romantic relationship if it happened to grow into that. Well one day he FINALLY told me, you know that I really like you, right? I said, I supposed you do if we hang out almost weekly. He said but my interest is not just as friends. I honestly was surprised and I told him so. He seemed surprised that I didn’t realize this. He said he wasn’t the type to have female friends randomly just because. He asked even after all this time we have been spending how did you not know? I told him it didn’t seem like it, the most physical interactions we had had was a small hug goodbye when he would drop me off or he would teasingly poke my side saying he liked how I laughed but that was it. I told him he never made any moves to make it seem like his interest was more than friendly. I did tell him that I was glad he told me otherwise I would have never have known, and that I liked him too but I would never push anything that I didn’t see was mutual. I also told him that yes there was other men that have been around and I mentioned one man in particular that was very insistent and very vocal about his interest, he was a libra too but that although I had almost every single thing in common with him, we could be twins, that he also was a drug user, when I found that out I was not going to have anything to do with that because I have had bad experiences with drug users and no way in hell I would gamble with that ever again. Anyhow from then on, our relationship did start becoming intimate and time spent with him enjoyable and pleasant. But like I mentioned only thing that has been wrong is that he does NOT like to be social. Which is so weird because he is a tattoo artist, and also is in a car club. Both of those things require being somewhat social, not mandatory but car clubs always have events and picnics and dinners that go beyond just the car showing. He said he is only in it because of his love of cars… ok I get it, but sounds nothing like any of the Gemini descriptions I have heard. He feels he is socially awkward, he tells me how he hates small talk, and even though others may start it, like his tattoo customers for example, that he doesn’t get past the one word replies and gets stuck, unless it is related to the tattoo or artwork. He has even told me that he hates that because he doesn’t want to seem like he’s stupid. I told him I have noticed he could be quiet but we have always had good conversation, but he says that’s only because he likes me and has interest. I accepted that. But we have had issues on outings. I am definitely social and I like to go out, I like to wine and dine, go out and have a cocktail with friends. He will NOT do that. He says he is ok with museums, going to the movies, going for drives, restaurants yes, but no nightlife type thing. He’s ok with movies and even a concert as long as its just us, one on one things, not with a crowd of friends, no bars or clubs or lounges… that’s sad for me but ok, I like him enough and I like the other stuff he likes, im a libra and im flexible… Ok now that I gave you all the super long back story on how we came about, let me tell you my current issue. We have been good. only one argument during Feb because I wanted to go somewhere he didn’t want to go and I started telling him that he was being selfish and that only what he wants matters and so on… I cant remember what else but yes in turned into an argument that I lost. This is the first time that I saw that he will NOT compromise, which I think is super important in a relationship but he wont. He wont even try. He is supper stubborn when it comes to that. He says he will not do anything he does not want to do, not for anyone. Me being a Libra I just can’t wrap my hear around that, but nevertheless whatever, I let it go. Ever since we squashed that, we have been doing really good. He’s a little selfish in the bedroom but not too much, if I say something. It would be better if he did it on his own, I don’t like to remind… but its still good. He texts me every morning and here and there throughout the day, we talk about what we had for lunch, make plans to go to the gym together, we hang out and have a Netflix night, or go out for food or the movies or errands. We even did a paint and drink thing that I am amazed he agreed to go to but I think he did it to actually try to do something I wanted and to dabble in painting. I paint all the time but he doesn’t. So all this time, that other libra guy would still reach out to me, telling me hes patient and that maybe one day I will give him a chance and whatever. honestly I feel bad for him because although I like him as a person, I know I would never go there if I was single or not, because of the past drug issues. He is an artist too and I was still ok with him being that there was art stuff that we would discuss and we did some networking in the past, but I wouldn’t respond to any advances or even reply if it wasn’t art related. Well this Libra guy, he did something on Sunday night, that kinda threw a wrench in everything. Me and my Gem guy were hanging out after a busy day at my home. I forgot to mention, I have two daughters from previous marriage, they were at the dad’s house and I was going to pick them up. that’s when me and my gem parted ways he went home and I went to pick them up. Well I was 5 minutes into the drive when I got a text from the Libra guy with a photo of my door and window him saying that he got me a gift because he thought of me when I saw it and placed it on my window sill. he also said that he wouldn’t bother me any more.. I freaked and got very creeped out. We had just left my home when he rolled up and left it there?? I didn’t see the text till I had gotten to my destination. I even mentioned it to my daughters’ dad and he thought it was creepy too! I realized that libra guy had texted me earlier that day saying he wanted to drop off the gift but I never saw that text. anyway when I was driving home I called my gem guy to tell him to see if maybe he would come back or I don’t know why I guess I was just shook by the whole thing. he was in the middle of something but said hed call me back. He called me a while later and I told him about the gift that guy left and how creepy that was and everything. Well I guess that didn’t sit well with him but not for the reasons I thought. He immediately said that he knew it, that it happens every time, every relationship he gets into that there’s always ‘some guy’ that is ‘bothering’ his girl, and that next thing you know, he finds out she is cheating on him with him. I was like what???? I think most women would immediately get mad, I was more like, oh my god no! Like I got scared that he was thinking that way. I assured him it was nothing like that. He said that if a woman is entertaining a man in any which way, he might feel like its ok to do that, that it is weird the way I say it is. I told him that I agree! That that is the reason why I freaked out because I haven’t been entertaining anyone like that. I mean, im a full time mom, got a full time job, I am an artist on my spare time, and I make any time I can to spend with him, and we text and talk daily… I just didn’t understand how he could think that. I felt by now he should know me. I cried on the phone while trying to tell him yes that guy DOES know im seeing someone, I have posted photos of me and my gem when we are out and when the libra guy asked me if I was seeing someone I told him yes I was and that I had already told him that before. but he never backed off, I told him that I made sure that guy knew that since back in December when we had the initial conversation about me and the gem liking eachother more than friends… i told him i am not a cheater, i would never do that, i don’t like to play games and that i respect him and care about him very much. i told him its something i think i should tell him not keep from him. he agreed but he said it still wasn’t cool. So I don’t even know how it happened but at the end he had me feeling like all this was my fault. There were many awkward silences, i kept telling him to say something but he would say that this didn’t sit well with him at all and that there was nothing for him to say. I told him calmly that I get that we are grown people with baggage in our past, but that it was not fair if he was comparing or assuming that I was like his past experiences. all he said was well life is not fair… what kind of stupid answer is that? anyways after another long silence he finally said we should just hang up… i said ok we said bye…
    Monday comes, i was tired i had tossed and turned till i fell asleep. it was 10am and i didn’t get a good morning text or anything like i normally do. Sometimes he sends them later after he gets to the shop (11am) but i still sent him a text telling him that I felt down about our convo, that i understood if he felt uneasy about it but that i felt i had to share that with him. that i feel bad it made him feel insecure. that i think although we have differences we have a great little thing going on and that i care what he thinks, have strong feelings for him, and i respect him. that i want him to be assured that i wouldn’t do anything to mess it up. im not into playing games or wasting people’s or my time. ive welcomed him into my life and even had my girls meet him and i don’t do that for just anyone… as for the guy don’t trip off of him, ill make sure he leaves me alone for good. just don’t act like i wronged him because i haven’t and won’t and that he is the only man in my life…
    i got no response… i thought maybe because he went off to work and didn’t have the time or the head to address this.. so i left it alone… by 4:30pm i would have normally heard from his several times… when i didn’t i sent him a little ‘hey’ and nothing… radio silence… i sent him a funny video on social media because we always send eachother stuff when we see it, i mean i was trying to act normal.. and he didn’t even view it. He usually calls or texts when he gets off work at around 8ish.. nothing.. he was literally acting like i didn’t exist. i sent him another text saying, please don’t ignore me that shit wasn’t my fault, i handled it, that dude wont and cant contact me in no form. That he was making me feel really bad, i didn’t do anything don’t treat me as if i did! id never disrespect you and that i wasn’t like any other of his exes that did him dirty like that. that he should know that by now and he knows me and he knows how i live my life.. he didn’t reply but i had seen that he was online before i sent it so i know he had to see it… so i called him. he didn’t answer… i immediately called again and i saw a text come in while it was ringing and it was from him. all it said was ‘Im not in the mood to talk right now’… i just stood there and stared at it. I must say that although I didn’t like what it said, i felt a teeny bit better just getting a damn reply from him. I am so not used to that… I don’t care how mad i would be at someone, unless i for real don’t ever want to talk to them ever again, i would still reply. i just don’t understand when people ignore others. (and if i didn’t want to speak to someone ever again, i would tell them that first before pulling the plug). I replied and said, i don’t deserve this treatment, that’s on my daughter’s… gn
    and that’s it, but now it is Tuesday 5pm and i still haven’t heard a damn thing, no text no nothing…
    I am sorry i wrote this long ass story… and if you read it all i super appreciate that you did. Like you may see he isn’t the regular outgoing, social, charming Gemini, but everything i have read about the not compromising, being selfish and only caring about his feelings, shutting down, acting like you don’t exist, making you feel abandoned and making something feel like its your fault really got to me. Because in that sense, he DEFINITELY is a Gemini… Maybe my experience isn’t as bad as some of yours, maybe mine is only beginning? This would be my first Gemini so when I looked this up and started reading all these posts under the blog, I feel terrible! Is this really what he is? Is he really that cold for reals?? I don’t know what to do.. I’ve been in horrible relationships before.. a couple of abusive ones, but i have also been in good ones, the best were a Leo and Libra.. but now I’m scared that its looking like i will be broken hearted either way whether he starts speaking to me again or he doesn’t. Its like i keep forgetting that i should be the one mad that he doesn’t trust me! i didn’t do anything yet i am the one waiting to hear from him… and its only been since Sunday.. ugh! I guess because i am the opposite when it comes to that, i cant sit on shit like this. i have to address the issue on the spot and try to talk it out. try to understand eachother. Obviously he isn’t up for that. Why cant we act like grown people? This is stupid. Maybe i’m stupid for feeling like hitting the panic button after just a day and a half pretty much. He got me used to constant contact, and i am a creature of habit. A very SAD one… 😦


  2. It’s incredible isn’t it? You could be the most confident, beautiful, independent, witty and intelligent woman and a Gemini man will make you feel like crap. It’s incredible how they do it. How they switch from being so very interested in everything you have to say to being completely indifferent to your existence. They can make you feel so small and so minuscule and oh yeah, confront them and you’re the crazy one.
    They lie through their teeth and it’s so obvious when they lie, it’s boderline funny because they think they have you fooled. But I guess every woman who is dealing with a Gemini man at some
    Point will see the pointlessness of confronting him. They dodge conversations with the lissomness of a slippery soap.

    Do yourself a favour, pick yourself up and RUN as fast as you can! He is not worth it!


  3. Goddess says:

    OMG!!! This is so on point…I have been married to a Gemini man for 7 years I don’t lknow how I put up with his games so long he. Has never been faithful to me we have four kids I don’t think he gives a dam about he won’t even say happy Mother’s Day or happy birthday he constantly complains about meeting me halfway with the bills he don’t even care about his own mama,he has had sex with his brothers girlfriends behind their back he has given me disease so many times I lost count I moved out of state to get away and he begs his way back in but I can truly say this time it is over always remember with a Gemini it will have to run it’s full coarse before your smart enough to move on….I’m a Libra lady born October 21…it’s been said that we are the best fit for Gemini men…However I beg to differ with this


  4. truthisyourfriend says:

    I dated a gemini man-child for a year. He’s almost 50 and never been married. Hes a childish liar and very disrespectful. I read this blog many times and brushed it off in the beginning of our relationship. Its amazing how spot-on the blog and comments are. A gemini man can not be trusted and half the time they dont know if theyre going or coming just seriously dumb but think they are so smart. I read text messages in his phone from an ex fucc buddy of his and he still lied about continuing to cheat with her. He has no regard for his actions and does not respect me. He is a waste of time but thinks hes gods gift to the world. Hes a pure idiot very judgmental of otherd but will cry like a baby if his electricity is cut off. He has bad credit doesnt save money and has no idea how the world works. He disgusts me. Gemini men dont believe in love they are confused users. Run if you meet one. And the sex was wack. Almost 50 and dickstroke game weak as fuck.


  5. Juaquin says:

    It seems as though no one here understands a thing about gemini man. In all honestly, if you aren’t a Gemini man, then you shouldn’t draw up facts about gemini men. Share your experiences if you will, but that’s all they are..don’t generalize and say “yup typical gemini man” it’s an insult to me and every other gemini man that has had to suffer under others signs bs, lies, cheating and all other things that are attached to the bias factors of a Gemini.


  6. Jeffery Yirenkyi says:

    Interesting article. Im a gemini. I feel this article was written out of personal frustration. And all geminis are not the same. You definitely have some unresolved anger which still lingers in your heart and this is how you express it, thats ok. I personally disagree with the part you said we’re easily influenced. I think we love our personal space. We share our time with accordance to the moment. If im with you im 100% with you, if im with fam and friends im 100% woth them. It’s selfish to want attention all the time. Its jist takes a little understanding to realize that we require our personal freedom. Its not that hard. Anyway, kudos with your life. And try meditating, it will help with all the frustration you’re feeling 👌🏾


  7. Seante says:

    I agree with this article 100% and any Gemini coming on here trying to disagree or tell you to meditate. Just proves the point. KNOW THY SELF GEMINI MAN. Living in denial is no way to live my loves!! Good day! (Gemini’s save your replies. You are what you are) THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE !!


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