Begin Again

I’ve had the song Begin Again by Purity Ring on repeat since yesterday.  (I prefer it to Push Pull to be honest).

As soon as I saw it pop up in soundcloud, I couldn’t quite contain my joy.  Sometime in winter 2012, I heard Lofticries (I need an extra something to get me through the frigid wind of February and Lofticries did just that) … and they’ve been my favorite electronic music act ever since.

I’ve not heard lyrics that have moved me this way since I first started listening to Bjork in 1995.  And live, Purity Ring is improbably good.  I think sometimes it’s challenging to transfer what happens in the music studio to stage when your act is heavily electronic.  I’ve seen them twice now and I loved both shows (even though Megan James was clearly very ill in the second show …  what a trooper).  Each time they had these gorgeous light up orbs that would change colors when James would touch them with her light wand.  The type of thing you see in the weird, funny dreams when you have a fever.



I’m writing this post mostly because tickets go on sale tomorrow and I want to remember to get on that.  (I may even set an alarm on my phone.)

Perhaps the true test of the love I have for this duo is the fact that I didn’t abandon them after ending a relationship with someone who loved them as much as I do.  Usually music which is associated with an ex becomes tainted and completely untouchable for a minimum of three years in my mind.   It takes between three to seven years for me to cut the association and not feel wince worthy pains from certain songs.  But the idea of not listening to Purity Ring was met with righteous indignation from me.  Two more points for growing older and wiser.  Not allowing failed things to ruin things you love.

“I need not one thing more, o wrap the ground around.”  – Begin Again

–  Aja


You Shut Your Mouth When I’m Talking About MY Free Speech


That is the general message I’ve picked up lately.  Loud and clear.  It shows up on facebook and it shows up on my twitter feed.  It’s gotten pretty bad especially since this CNN piece was published.  I’ve been called every combination of name in the book.  And it will continue.  Because I’m not planning on shutting up at all this year.  I wouldn’t take it all back for a moment.

–  Aja

(Illustration by Kelly Smith)