Things I Do In My Thirties



(A rather boring list of things that I didn’t do enough of in my twenties, that I do now)

1.  Take vitamins.  Every evening.  Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Glucosamine (ballet knees), Calcium (preventative bone decay), Bee Pollen Complex (to help with my allergies), melatonin (for good zzzzzs).

2.  Moisturize every day and every evening.  Year round sunblock.  No excuses.  I also walk with hand lotion in the winter.  I HATE dry hands.

3.  Read a book a week.  It’s super easy if you make time to do it and it becomes the thing you look forward to.  Also, visit your library regularly.  If you have a good library you are among the privileged.  Don’t let it go to waste.

4.  Deep condition my hair.  Honestly my hair is so fried (from years of chemical treatment), so I’m cutting shorter and shorter until it’s all gone.  Can’t wait for a clean slate.  Until then, I deep condition every other wash to keep it from quitting me all together.  It’s great because you slap the stuff on, go write, read, pay bills and in thirty minutes rinse it out. You feel like the ultimate multitasker.

5.  Floss.  Every day.  (My dentist has scared me into it.  Finally.  But it only takes three minutes out of your day so just do it.)

–  Aja

(Photos from here and here.)