More On Forgiveness


I’ve noticed something about myself which is funny in a tragic sort of way.

I can only forgive like one person a week. 

Anything more than that feels like I’m being pushed way over my quota and I immediately push back like the dog when she still has to poo and I’m dragging her towards the house.  (She digs her paws in the ground in such protest despite having dilly dallied around like it’s not 30 degrees outside.)  I give my forgiveness out in such a sparingly manner as if being forced into the act will make me compromise myself in this weird way.  Not just that, but I loathe when the forgiveness isn’t an outward two way street.  Some people always flounce around like their shit don’t stink and it begins to feel like you’re always the one who has to come around first and forgive again and again.  I’m not good about letting shit go.

“Didn’t you get the memo?  I ALREADY forgave someone this week!”

–  Aja


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