Loafing Around

MostWornAutumnShoesI’ve noticed a funny trend.  Many of the design creatives are probably about the same age as myself.  Because right around the time that I found myself winding down from heels, it would appear that the rest of the world followed in suit.  I won’t ever get rid of my heels but I sure do wear them a heck of a lot less.  These days I can’t get enough sneakers.  I buy one pair, I want another.  But I exercise restraint because I still have to look like I didn’t just roll out of bed for most jobs.  If I had to round up the most versatile shoes I’ve worn all autumn, it would be these three.  Nothing quite like a loafer to say,

“I’m old enough to not give a shit about the fact that I enjoy easy listening, but edgy enough to make jokes about the irony of that statement while wearing a pair of loafers.”

The Madewell Kauri’s I got on super sale ($60) and they’re comfortable now.  But the first wear they rubbed my heels raw!  Breaking them in was essentially but dayum son.

Bass Weejuns ($69) are the most comfortable work shoe I’ve ever worn, end of story.  I understand why they’ve been such a staple in some people’s wardrobes through out the years.  I enjoy that they’re no longer just for men who wear pleated pants.

And everyone just go get yourself a pair of fake fur lined Minnetonka’s from TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  They all have them.  Always.  Everyone deserves warm feet in the winter.

(Luxirare definitely “inspired” this post as she remains one of the most innovative, creative bloggers on the internet.  All credit is due.)

–  Aja


Nature’s Natural High


The other day I woke up at 6:30 am.  Naturally.  I pretty much just shot out of bed like a bolt. What followed later can only be described as natural cocaine. How does that happen as an adult?  That waking up early actually fills you with positive energy instead of sending you into a murderous rage? I had paid all my bills, written an invoice and was ready to exercise well before 10am. I wanted to shout “high on life” to no one in particular, but I didn’t … because I’d want to slap the hell out of me.

Another reason to never grow up, kids.

– Aja


I Didn’t Need These …

Fiorentini+BakerBootstext… but I got them anyway!!!  Fiorentini + Baker is one of those exceptional boot brands (like Dr. Martens) where the shoes last forever.  You can’t break them.  But they are triple the price of a pair of Docs.  What’s worse is that people on eBay want to sell their Fiorentini + Bakers hand-me-downs for ridiculous prices (which means they’re a good investment because they maintain their value).  But I am not one to pay 75% of the full retail price for boots someone has beat up!  You’re having a laugh!  This is one of those cases where the Outnet is actually cheaper than everyone else.  Including second hand.  And as luck would have it they just got in a smattering of styles today.  So, if you’re in the market for a good pair of boots, don’t sleep.

–  Aja


On Bodies


My dear friend Joanna Shroeder did an interview today on the Calvin Klein “Plus Size” debacle. I think she did a wonderful job of explaining what’s problematic about describing Myla Dalbesio as “plus size”.   Dalbesio is a gorgeous girl and a size 10 with measurements similar to my own. She has me beat in the bosom department and she’s 5’11 to my 5’7 on a good day. Those five inches make a huge difference in the appearance of this lovely girl in relation to my own shapely and short figure. I long for a day, when all women who exist in this profession can just be called “models” without the labels.  Growing up, I never felt there was anything wrong with my body until the rest of the world told me there was.

But, on the upside I stumbled across some of Myla Dalbesio’s art work and I think she’s talented.  I love these S&M inspired illustrations and I don’t think they could possibly be more on point in this space.  I just want us women to break free of all the burdens the world decides to dump in our collective laps.

–  Aja

62_bound-003 62_bound-014 62_bound-013 62_bound-005


Where I Live


Have I told you that my neighborhood is really cool?  It is.  If you’re going to live in the ‘burbs, this is where you want to be.  It’s not uncommon for me to drink (when I could drink without vomiting Exorcist style), laugh or cry with my neighbors.  There’s a drawer in our house that is full of other people’s keys and other neighbors, have the same.  I have loved their pets, loved their kids and tried to be a listening ear when needed.  I have of course gotten the same in return.  We rotate our books, leaving piles on each others door steps.  I don’t have too much location pride or school spirit, but love thy neighbor comes quite easily.  Anyway, this story came from a neighbor’s facebook page.

When Chris Sussman’s father Mo Sussman, passed away earlier this year, it was sudden and very sad.  While I had never met Mo, I had heard that he was quite legendary.  What I didn’t know was that Mo was a key player in the DC hardcore scene, managing the band Bad Brains from 1980 – 1982.   This contact sheet was featured in the new Foo Fighters documentary series Sonic Highways , which is on my to watch list for when the days grow very short and it’s too cold to leave the house.  (I tend to plan out my tv watching that way.)

Tom Bejgrowicz (who has the original contact sheet in his possession) finally solved the mystery of who took these photos after watching Sonic Highways! To bring things super full circle, in college I used to do street team promotions for Astralwerks, which is a subsidiary of none other than Caroline Records.  Street teaming was an awesome job for a college student.  I saw so many great bands and I look back upon that time period fondly.

Looks like Mo left one last surprise for everyone.  I know Chris is so incredibly proud, as he should be.

ChrisKISSOne of my favorite photos ever, of a pre-teen Chris in his school talent show.

–  Aja


Notes On Being An Adult


The other day I was browsing a department store near work.  I always browse whenever I’m in the city because when I’m home I hardly like to leave my house.  Two birds, one stone and all that business.  On my way up to the second floor, my toe caught the edge of the wooden stair and I landed, stomach down.  As I tried to re-orient myself, my eyes were met by the eyes of a very attractive male in his twenties.  Truthfully, I’ve not seen such an attractive dude in a little bit and I was completely confused and perplexed in addition to lying on my stomach.  As soon as I realized that he was staring at me in shock and not in awe of my raw beauty, I grew steely eyed and stern.  Looking him dead in the eye, I hissed “YOU SAW NOTHING”.

And then I pushed myself up off the floor and kept on walking.  I turned around to catch him staring again but this time with awe and a pinch of amusement.  Thirties is fucking up shit.  Owning your shit.  And not giving a shit.  And then being slightly admired for it (but only from afar).  Now.  Off to ballet tomorrow.

–  Aja