How to Make Friends and Influence People (The Wedding Edition)


I’m currently reading the book Save The Date by Jen Doll.  In the book Doll focuses on the various weddings she’s attended in her life, the outcomes and the lessons learned.  One of the topics Doll highlights is the nature of the “wedding friendship”.  Easily made and even easier lost.  I see what she means.  But I met Anita at a wedding and I like to think we skirted the odds.  The most beautiful wedding in South of France, summer 2012 to be exact.  I had attended by myself, which meant there were new friends to make and making out with strange boys to do.   One day I’ll tell you more about that wedding.  While she wasn’t in attendance, there’s even an Agathe story.  (Because the world is very small).

On the plane ride back to London I managed to sit with Anita and her friend Kristen.  I talked with them the entire time and decided I adored them.  When I was finally arrived stateside, I expected the friendship to flicker out.  But then via facebook we realized we hated a lot of the same things and somehow two years later here I am, wearing a sweater she convinced me to buy with my beloved leopard print coat (because leopard is Anita’s stripes).  So this is a tribute to a very stylish lady and a pretty rad friend.  Hold tight to your wedding friends because every now and then, you meet a real gem.

–  Aja


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