On Bodies


My dear friend Joanna Shroeder did an interview today on the Calvin Klein “Plus Size” debacle. I think she did a wonderful job of explaining what’s problematic about describing Myla Dalbesio as “plus size”.   Dalbesio is a gorgeous girl and a size 10 with measurements similar to my own. She has me beat in the bosom department and she’s 5’11 to my 5’7 on a good day. Those five inches make a huge difference in the appearance of this lovely girl in relation to my own shapely and short figure. I long for a day, when all women who exist in this profession can just be called “models” without the labels.  Growing up, I never felt there was anything wrong with my body until the rest of the world told me there was.

But, on the upside I stumbled across some of Myla Dalbesio’s art work and I think she’s talented.  I love these S&M inspired illustrations and I don’t think they could possibly be more on point in this space.  I just want us women to break free of all the burdens the world decides to dump in our collective laps.

–  Aja

62_bound-003 62_bound-014 62_bound-013 62_bound-005


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