Where I Live


Have I told you that my neighborhood is really cool?  It is.  If you’re going to live in the ‘burbs, this is where you want to be.  It’s not uncommon for me to drink (when I could drink without vomiting Exorcist style), laugh or cry with my neighbors.  There’s a drawer in our house that is full of other people’s keys and other neighbors, have the same.  I have loved their pets, loved their kids and tried to be a listening ear when needed.  I have of course gotten the same in return.  We rotate our books, leaving piles on each others door steps.  I don’t have too much location pride or school spirit, but love thy neighbor comes quite easily.  Anyway, this story came from a neighbor’s facebook page.

When Chris Sussman’s father Mo Sussman, passed away earlier this year, it was sudden and very sad.  While I had never met Mo, I had heard that he was quite legendary.  What I didn’t know was that Mo was a key player in the DC hardcore scene, managing the band Bad Brains from 1980 – 1982.   This contact sheet was featured in the new Foo Fighters documentary series Sonic Highways , which is on my to watch list for when the days grow very short and it’s too cold to leave the house.  (I tend to plan out my tv watching that way.)

Tom Bejgrowicz (who has the original contact sheet in his possession) finally solved the mystery of who took these photos after watching Sonic Highways! To bring things super full circle, in college I used to do street team promotions for Astralwerks, which is a subsidiary of none other than Caroline Records.  Street teaming was an awesome job for a college student.  I saw so many great bands and I look back upon that time period fondly.

Looks like Mo left one last surprise for everyone.  I know Chris is so incredibly proud, as he should be.

ChrisKISSOne of my favorite photos ever, of a pre-teen Chris in his school talent show.

–  Aja


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