Examining The Excess


Or trimming the fat.

Have you ever examined your own excessive behavior?  I do every time I move and have to haul my assorted junk from one location to another.  Moving always makes me want to empty the contents of my life into the nearest trash dumpster and yet somehow I always end up with substantially more than any adult human needs to survive.  Having options is good, having too much is not.  While I’ve pledged to buy better and less, I’ve decided to really stick it to myself and try some experiments.  I have a striped shirt fetish.  Way too many.  So for a week and some change, I forced myself to wear nothing but striped shirts.


While it was refreshing to not have to think too hard about what I wore that day, by the end of the week I found myself getting incredibly bored with the selection.  Having a lot of something just means I get bored of it quicker.  Who knew?  Also, not all striped shirts are created equal.

The superior ones were:  APC, SkarGorn, Saint James and J. Crew

The ones I would pass on next time:  Comme Des Garcons (they run small), Vince (shrunk in the wash, perfect for someone I know who’s bust runs smaller than mine) and anything from Anthropologie (which is one of those stores that is incredibly hit or miss).

Regardless, no one needs twenty striped shirts.  So I shall be ridding myself of some.  That’s right Ginger.  Coming your way.

–  Aja


5 thoughts on “Examining The Excess

  1. Oh yay!! I got a mention! You actually inspired me to buy a Skargorn long-sleeve striped tee. I’ll wear it this weekend and post a pic! But — I need more stripes now… so yes, keep me in mind!


    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      That’s hilarious because I woke up this morning and realized I had left Skagorn off the list of Superiors and made a note to go back and add it later! – Aja


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