Anyone Can Be A Member!




Wanna be apart of a club I joined?  I’m pretty sure any one can join.  You just have to buy this The Smiths sweater by Viva Moz.  That’s all.  Instant member.  My friend on the right posted that she purchasing this on facebook and within a few hours, she had talked three more of us into joining her, myself included.  The Smiths are one of those bands that somehow just unites people.  When someone tells me they’re a fan of The Smiths, I feel bonded to them as I know a fellow misanthrope when I see one.  We’re like a weird family.  Yeah.

By the way, I met Anita at a wedding in France and I was immediately struck dumb by how cool she was!  I was even more surprised to find out her age and that she has little ones.  Both of them.  Totally rock and roll.  (And no, they don’t smoke regularly so don’t you dare judge them.  Besides, judging other Mums is pretty lame, right?)

–  Aja


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