I had a funny conversation with Bjorn.  We were talking about his latest piercing and how it hurt tremendously.  I wanted to know why he wanted to do it.  I’ve always wonder what inspires people to get tattoos and piercings and in Bjorn’s case, he’s a got a lot of them!  He responded something quite casual like,

“I don’t know.  When you look like this people leave you alone.”

I thought about him sitting on the bus and how people probably passed by him.  How some wouldn’t even think of sitting next to someone who looks so different.  Because the worst that could happen is that (gasp), they end up liking the person a great deal.  Then I remembered the last time, I went to work.  I was still feeling ill, I had my hair back in braids and was wearing no make up and oversized comfortable jeans.  Then I remembered being passed over several times when it came to sharing seats on the metro.  And I said something quite honest.

“When you’re black people leave you alone too.”

It’s true.  Sometimes I want to be left alone and sometimes it makes me sick of the world we live in.

–  Aja

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

(Image by Mari Sheibley who takes photographs so large in scale and so full of life, they’ll take your breath away.)


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