On Being An Aunt

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As I’ve mentioned before, being an Aunt is like having a magical passport which allows one to engage in certain activities which are totally unacceptable as an adult, like trickrtreating.  On your own, people might call the police but with a little one by your side you can indeed go knocking on neighbor’s doors like its 1989 again.  If you have a best friend, your passport is indeed good for two.  The value in bringing your best friend is that when your niece says something incredibly obnoxious yet wholly amusing, your best friend is there to vouch to the world, that you aren’t making stuff up.  We took turns taking Ave to different doors and on Sofia’s turn, Ave held her bag open wide and a kindly neighbor dropped in a single fun sized kit kat.  Before the door was closed, Ave said loudly to Sofia,

“She gave me one.”

Sofia replied,

“Yes, isn’t that nice?”


Oh how we laughed even though we really weren’t supposed to.  Where does such a small child learn these things?  The lectures we offered about “being grateful” (in between our snickers) proved to be futile.  At the next door Ave announced to us loudly and proudly before the door was closed,


–  Aja

PS-  She doesn’t EVEN like candy!


2 thoughts on “On Being An Aunt

    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      K- Line she is SO rad (and I’m not just saying that because she’s my niece). You’re going to meet her one day so all your notions can be confirmed. – Aja


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