Do I Need This?

MaiyetTop1 MaiyetTopBack1

I’m not a fan of the Look-I’ve-Got-My-Tits-Out look.  I very much enjoy being braless (to which I am plenty in the summer).  I just don’t like a very obviously ploy.  I prefer a dress with a tight bodice to leave folks guessing.  It’s the art of flirting so to speak.  Or just the art of ditching your repressive under garments without the girls hanging low.  But I cannot lie, I am drawn to this Maiyet top.  It’s so pretty I can’t take it, despite knowing good and well that I really don’t need it.

–  Aja


2 thoughts on “Do I Need This?

    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      We have hot summers in the DC metropolitan! Like super hot! We’re not quite North but not really considered the deep South either. – Aja


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