Say “Hello!”


Wanna reach out to us?  We don’t bite.

Give us a shout.  Unless you’re an internet troll, then keep moving.

Please note we haven’t checked this account since we created it two months ago so it may take us a few weeks to get into the habit of checking it regularly.  xoxo

–  Aja and Agathe


Old Outfit Shots

I did outfit shots long before I started blogging, and long before I even started sharing them on my former blog. It was also long before I owned a digital camera and so I had to get the photos printed and then I’d paste them in my photo album along with holiday and party pictures.

For about ten years I had a film sitting in a drawer that I had never gotten developed. A couple of weeks ago I finally sent it in. I thought it would be full of pictures from a trip to Stockholm to visit my friend I.M. Rather it was full of shots of me and my former boyfriend in the trashy apartment we used to share with three other people, as well as a couple of shots of I.M. visiting me.

Most of the shots look terribly dated today and I even hid a few of the most embarrassing ones before B got home from work. Here are couple for you to see. I have no idea why I did pictures like these. Perhaps it was brought on by a fear of getting older and a need to document how I was like in my early 20s.


My life is rather crazy at the moment, hence the absence. I might be a little on and off for a while, but that’s just how it goes.

– Agathe


Little Lies We Tell Ourselves And Others


“We all lie to ourselves!  Duh!”

When I said it, my words hung in the air like angry daggers trying to figure out exactly where their target was.  I had been arguing with a loved one about a topic we just can’t seem to get around.  It comes back to haunt our relationship every so often always leaving a black smear in it’s wake.  It is in these moments, where our guard is down and our filters are lost that we let the truth out.  Sometimes in tempestuous ways.  I had been speaking about myself of course.  But it really got me thinking about the various things we lie to ourselves about.  Because you’re trying to convince the world so why not try convincing yourself too?  Here’s some whoppers I’ve told lately:

–  I’m okay with the idea of dying alone.  (Bullshit.  It’s terrifying to me.  I’m accepting of the idea but really, who the f*ck wants to really be alone for the rest of their life?  If you’re in a relationship but you legitimately think I’m buying that “oh you’re so lucky” nonsense, well you are lying to yourself too.)

–  No, no I don’t hate that person.  (I dislike them.  “Hate” is a strong word which my niece reminds me regularly not to use.)

–  Sure you can sit with us.  (You can sit with my friends and I.  Of course.  Because we’re nice people.  But you weren’t in high school and I haven’t forgotten that.)

–  Thank you for that information.  (Thank you for wasting my time telling me about something I already understood.)

I’m okay with these little lies.  Sometimes it saves us a world of uncomfortable explanation.

–  Aja

(Beautiful line drawing by Stasia Burrington)


We’re Here!


And we’re not going anywhere.  But I would say both of us are going though some miniscule life transitions. Nothing major, but just enough to disrupt our patterns. We’re back next week (and maybe even a little this weekend). In the meanwhile, here’s a nugget of sweetness. Both my sisters babies sleep soundly when they’re holding your hand.

– Aja


Give It All Away


In these past five years that Agathe and I have built a solid, beautiful friendship, one topic we find ourselves returning to over and over again is materialism.  When Agathe was blogging, I remember one blog post in particular where she talked about being shopped out.  She just didn’t want to shop anymore.  I understood exactly how she felt.  I love shopping.  I do it for spare cash occasionally (yes, I style friends and friends of friends for $$$).  But I loathe the accumulation of “stuff”.  Having worked in fashion in both London and NYC means that my closet is bursting at the seams (even though I try to stay on top of it and edit ruthlessly).  Right now I live in such a small space that there’s hardly room for any of it.  In addition the last year of hardship has forced me to have many a “come to Jesus” moment where I truly understood exactly how little I needed to feel happy and exist.

When Agathe quit blogging, she gave most of her wardrobe away.  A friend opened a consignment store with all of it.  I think that is a testament to the type of wonderful character she has.  She could have very well just sold her stuff on her own and made a fistful of cash from her notoriety.  I aspire to be more like that every day.  I try and think about my actions and how it effects the world as a whole.  In the past year I’ve been whittling my fast fashion purchases down.  I don’t buy like I used to in general and I feel content.  I don’t want to be the person that takes more than what I need anymore (no matter how much I love shoes).

So!  I’m going to start giving clothes away in this space.  Sometimes I sell my clothes on eBay and that’s been great but I do love the idea of giving my stuff to someone who really wants it and will enjoy.  On my old blog, I gave away a bottle of Chloe and because I chatted with the recipient and realized how grateful she was, I threw in some Chanel lotion and nail polish.  I’ll never forget the happiness it brought her and the joy it brought me!

We started this blog to share our friendship with the world.  To open it up and to connect with anyone who wants to talk to us.  I know not everyone has the means to buy new jeans when you actually need them.  I need nothing.  So perhaps I can help you out there.  It’ll be good for us both  😉

Stay tuned!  xoxo

–  Aja


Bags Bags Bags Bags


Very original title, non?

Agathe is in the market for a new bag and we’re going to help her find it, right? I have to say, I’m loving the end of the “It Bag” trend. That nonsense was impossible for the average woman to keep up with.  Not only were you expected to buy a bag which cost the price of some mortgages, but you were also expected to keep up with the constant ebb and flow of trends in handbags (meaning consign that Mulberry Bayswater and jump on board with the Alexander Wang Rocco).  Not just impractical but exhausting as well.  A good friend of mine used to do graphic design for a well known fashion house and she offered me her deeply discounted employee bag (all employees received one per a year). I turned it down because with all the hardware the bag was impossibly heavy. Never regretted that decision, but will always remember her kindness.  (I would have been the Belle of East London).

As we learn more and more about fashion and manufacturing, like many others, I’m more keen to lean towards the smaller, independent designers.  Agathe you were quite a pioneer to this.  You were the first person I ever knew of to regularly purchase from Etsy!  I just remembered that small detail.  Anyway, here are my picks.

1.  I almost bought an Obag while I was in Florence last summer.  Florence boasts quite a few beautiful design shops down by the river.  They also have shops which sell the ugliest leather jackets I have ever laid eyes upon, but the good greatly outweighs the bad!  I passed on the Obag because my luggage was already heavy, but now this one is marked down, so I might just do it.  I haven’t stopped thinking about them and $60 is a very fair price!

2.  I have pinned pretty much every bag Chris van Veghel makes at different points.  All of the bags are truly unique but that blue canvas pop up bag has my heart forever.  I enjoy all the different ways you can carry the pop up bag.  Variety!

3.  I’ve had my eye on this suede tote bag by Clyde a month now.  I know I want something when I leave the tab open on my computer so it can haunt me properly.  Once again, another versatile convertible.  Tote or messenger?  You pick.

–  Aja