Giveaways: Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday!


Remember when I promised you all free clothes?!?  Well I wasn’t kidding around.

Tall girls need not apply for this one (don’t worry tall girls, I’ll have things you can apply for, especially if you have big feet like me 10/41).  So who wants a pair of Diesel jeans?  I don’t know the exact inseam on these but I’ll tell you I’m 5’6 (almost 5’7) and they’re about a centimeter off the ground on me.  There was a day when these jeans fit me perfectly (with just the right amount of baggy slouch) but right now they pinch my love handles more than I enjoy.

Diesel definitely knows what they’re doing when it comes to denim.  These jeans are almost ten years old (purchased in 2005) and they look amazingly current.  I can also vouch that they are extremely well made.  I’ve had many a pair of denim wear out especially in the thighs and these show no wear what-so-ever except around the hem (which came with the de-constructed look).

Size:  33

Materials:  100% cotton and shrunk from many washes.

Don’t be fooled by that number 33 from those skinny sleek Italians.  These things fit a size 8-10 best, especially if you’re going for that perfect oversized, comfy look.  If you’re a US12 (which I certainly am in some trousers) I do not recommend.

So how do you win?  Just leave a comment below.  The drawing will be open for TWO weeks (since it’s the inaugural giveaway and all).  After that time I’ll put all your names in a hat and draw the winner.  Sounds good?  So c’mon out lurkers.  Let us know you’re there.  Right now K-Line is the forerunner for all our giveaways, so someone better give her some competition!  (K-Line, we love you and you come up in conversation often.)

–  Aja



6 thoughts on “Giveaways: Go Shawty, It’s Your Birthday!

    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Lauren, I was hoping you’d come out and play! When you first started following this blog, I exclaimed to Agathe that you we had been following each other on Pinterest for years now! So good to have you around here!! – Aja


  1. These look super cute and comfy! I’ve been on the lookout for cute, well-worn looking jeans that aren’t too tight but are also stylish but also aren’t too on-trend bc I’m definitely NOT on-trend! 🙂


    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      These jeans are great because they’re versatile. They look cool with plain tshirts, a pleather hoodie and sneakers. But they look nice with a good tweed blazer and oxfords too!! I’ve rocked both before. I’ll be sad to part with them but I’ll be happy if you or Lauren win them because I know they’ll get a new life! Right now you both have a 50/50 chance which is pretty high! – Aja


  2. Ha! I love being at the top of the list! I don’t think this style would suit me, alas. Every time I wear the boot-cut I look very unbalanced. I don’t know why! But I love that distressed style when worn with a bit of a fancy top/jacket and sexy shoes.


    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      K- Line, I promise you, these jeans are more wide leg than bootcut. I actually noticed they looked bootcut in the photo too and I thought that was interesting since I don’t wear much boot cut myself! I bought them because the looked sufficiently slouchy and comfortable way before everyone was going on about “boyfriend jeans” (I hate that terminology). So if you can handle that, I’ll put your name in the drawing. – Aja


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