Re: Yes. Still Loved, Despite Great Faults


Thank you, Aja. Sometimes it’s the prospect of change that is scary, even though I know from experience how well I deal with sudden changes. It is even often then I feel the most vital and strong. There are just some things you really don’t want to change. Some things you just want to hold onto as hard as you can. Then a friend of mine said something beautiful. He said that change is inevitable, until it is the changeless that is left. Everything that isn’t based on something true will eventually fall apart, it is meant to.

This realization made me sigh with relief. Of course. And then I wasn’t really scared anymore. Now I am just confused. Haha.

It’s just one of those times in my life when anything can happen. Where nothing is really settled. Will I go this way or that way? But even though the impatient part of me feels uncomfortable because I want all the answers straight away, it is also a great opportunity. It is at those times where nothing really needs to be done, all I can do is sit back, relax, and wait. Enjoy the moment.

So this is my plan: Sleep well, eat well, watch the ocean waves and spend time with those I love. By the way, want to Skype soon?

– Agathe

Illustration from here.


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