Now Is The Time

Autumnbreeze1 AutumnBreeze2 AutumnBreeze3 AutumnBreeze4

I’m the first person to rag on where I live.  The DC area is far from perfect.  It’s congested and uppity.  I tend to regard hometown pride with the same disaffection art students carry towards school pep rallies.  While I loved London more than any place I’ve ever lived, I’ll tell you point blank, on a Saturday night, London stinks of piss.

HOWEVER … in the autumn, DC simply can’t be beat.  The DC metropolitan is the most beautiful this time of year and because we have mountains and farms a stone’s throw away so you simply cannot lose.  So if you’re ever to come and visit Agathe (and I know that you will), keep this time period in mind when buying your ticket.

–  Aja


2 thoughts on “Now Is The Time

  1. Growing up in Maryland (just outside of D.C.) I can totallly relate, Aja. When Cath and I moved down to Atlanta I could not believe how friendly people were. It took me years to get used to it. And now when I’m back in Maryland/D.C. I get major culture shock — everyone is so pretentious and rude and thoughtless!
    Your photos have totally made me homesick. Beautiful, beautiful metro-D.C.



    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Lar DC is SO PRETENTIOUS. And what makes it pretentious is that when you point that out, some folks get SO mad with you. It’s ridiculous. The drivers are the rudest by far (I found driving in NYC to be less stressful). Your photos makes me homesick for the UK. I miss that gloomy place, all the time! xoxo – Aja


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