Old Outfit Shots

I did outfit shots long before I started blogging, and long before I even started sharing them on my former blog. It was also long before I owned a digital camera and so I had to get the photos printed and then I’d paste them in my photo album along with holiday and party pictures.

For about ten years I had a film sitting in a drawer that I had never gotten developed. A couple of weeks ago I finally sent it in. I thought it would be full of pictures from a trip to Stockholm to visit my friend I.M. Rather it was full of shots of me and my former boyfriend in the trashy apartment we used to share with three other people, as well as a couple of shots of I.M. visiting me.

Most of the shots look terribly dated today and I even hid a few of the most embarrassing ones before B got home from work. Here are couple for you to see. I have no idea why I did pictures like these. Perhaps it was brought on by a fear of getting older and a need to document how I was like in my early 20s.


My life is rather crazy at the moment, hence the absence. I might be a little on and off for a while, but that’s just how it goes.

– Agathe


2 thoughts on “Old Outfit Shots

  1. OceanBetweenUs says:

    So basically when you started blogging you were pretty much just doing what came naturally to you, eh? I love this. And you! You know where I am if you wanna talk. – Aja


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