Give It All Away


In these past five years that Agathe and I have built a solid, beautiful friendship, one topic we find ourselves returning to over and over again is materialism.  When Agathe was blogging, I remember one blog post in particular where she talked about being shopped out.  She just didn’t want to shop anymore.  I understood exactly how she felt.  I love shopping.  I do it for spare cash occasionally (yes, I style friends and friends of friends for $$$).  But I loathe the accumulation of “stuff”.  Having worked in fashion in both London and NYC means that my closet is bursting at the seams (even though I try to stay on top of it and edit ruthlessly).  Right now I live in such a small space that there’s hardly room for any of it.  In addition the last year of hardship has forced me to have many a “come to Jesus” moment where I truly understood exactly how little I needed to feel happy and exist.

When Agathe quit blogging, she gave most of her wardrobe away.  A friend opened a consignment store with all of it.  I think that is a testament to the type of wonderful character she has.  She could have very well just sold her stuff on her own and made a fistful of cash from her notoriety.  I aspire to be more like that every day.  I try and think about my actions and how it effects the world as a whole.  In the past year I’ve been whittling my fast fashion purchases down.  I don’t buy like I used to in general and I feel content.  I don’t want to be the person that takes more than what I need anymore (no matter how much I love shoes).

So!  I’m going to start giving clothes away in this space.  Sometimes I sell my clothes on eBay and that’s been great but I do love the idea of giving my stuff to someone who really wants it and will enjoy.  On my old blog, I gave away a bottle of Chloe and because I chatted with the recipient and realized how grateful she was, I threw in some Chanel lotion and nail polish.  I’ll never forget the happiness it brought her and the joy it brought me!

We started this blog to share our friendship with the world.  To open it up and to connect with anyone who wants to talk to us.  I know not everyone has the means to buy new jeans when you actually need them.  I need nothing.  So perhaps I can help you out there.  It’ll be good for us both  😉

Stay tuned!  xoxo

–  Aja


4 thoughts on “Give It All Away

  1. Hi Aja!
    I think this is such a wonderful idea! It is such a good feeling when you can give something to others who really love it, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see it happen here.

    Like you, in the past three years I’ve really cut back on my shopping habits. I started reading more about the ethics of fast-fashion and found it harder and harder to justify all my high street shopping. I still do shop, but am very conscientious about which stores I shop in and how much I really need something. I also live in a teeny home with very little wardrobe space, so that’s helped me learn to cull through everything again and again. I drop off everything at the charity shop on my block.

    And thank you and Agathe for always being so open and sharing your friendship with us!




    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      Ahhh Lar, glad I’m not the only one who has a space issue. I currently reside with my parents and we are all constantly on top of each other. It’s deeply frustrating and the best solution is for me to purge. When cleaning out my closet I make piles for loved ones, a charity shop pile and then an eBay pile. Looks like I’m going to be purging a lot! I posted this on my facebook wall and I got way more takers than I had anticipated! But I’m excited too! I’m thrilled at the prospect of giving things another home. I love giving to charity but I feel really, really good when I find someone who is so happy to take something off my hands! I hope you’ll come around often! I thrilled our holiday project group is growing!! xoxo

      – Aja


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