Bags Bags Bags Bags


Very original title, non?

Agathe is in the market for a new bag and we’re going to help her find it, right? I have to say, I’m loving the end of the “It Bag” trend. That nonsense was impossible for the average woman to keep up with.  Not only were you expected to buy a bag which cost the price of some mortgages, but you were also expected to keep up with the constant ebb and flow of trends in handbags (meaning consign that Mulberry Bayswater and jump on board with the Alexander Wang Rocco).  Not just impractical but exhausting as well.  A good friend of mine used to do graphic design for a well known fashion house and she offered me her deeply discounted employee bag (all employees received one per a year). I turned it down because with all the hardware the bag was impossibly heavy. Never regretted that decision, but will always remember her kindness.  (I would have been the Belle of East London).

As we learn more and more about fashion and manufacturing, like many others, I’m more keen to lean towards the smaller, independent designers.  Agathe you were quite a pioneer to this.  You were the first person I ever knew of to regularly purchase from Etsy!  I just remembered that small detail.  Anyway, here are my picks.

1.  I almost bought an Obag while I was in Florence last summer.  Florence boasts quite a few beautiful design shops down by the river.  They also have shops which sell the ugliest leather jackets I have ever laid eyes upon, but the good greatly outweighs the bad!  I passed on the Obag because my luggage was already heavy, but now this one is marked down, so I might just do it.  I haven’t stopped thinking about them and $60 is a very fair price!

2.  I have pinned pretty much every bag Chris van Veghel makes at different points.  All of the bags are truly unique but that blue canvas pop up bag has my heart forever.  I enjoy all the different ways you can carry the pop up bag.  Variety!

3.  I’ve had my eye on this suede tote bag by Clyde a month now.  I know I want something when I leave the tab open on my computer so it can haunt me properly.  Once again, another versatile convertible.  Tote or messenger?  You pick.

–  Aja


2 thoughts on “Bags Bags Bags Bags

    • OceanBetweenUs says:

      I know K-Line! I want to buy all of them. And then I look around at my space and realize I want to get rid of EVERYTHING. Funny that 😀 Which brings me to my net post . . . – Aja


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