The Amazing Beth Beverly


I’m feeling much better today! I loved your story with the strangers who helped you when you were ill, and I loved how you left them a present to say thank you. Things like these is what keeps us going sometimes. And today something beautiful got me back on track.

Yesterday, while I was in my shitty mood, I was browsing through Etsy, although I know shopping really rarely helps. Usually I just end up getting something I will regret later on. This time though I accidentally stumbled across Beth Beverly’s shop, an amazing taxidermist I used to be in touch with while blogging. I even own a piece by her, a wing comb. I was so happy to see that she was still making her wonderful creations that I sent her a message. Today I received a reply, and it really made my day. She wanted to rekindle our correspondence. I was pleased she even remembered me!

As a taxidermist she makes some really beautiful and bizarre creations, using anything from bird wings to hooves. I do love the surreal, so her stuff is right up my alley. I asked her if she would consider doing a custom piece for me, and she willfully agreed. I hardly love anything more than having things custom made for me, and I can’t wait to have my strange little idea put into reality. I’ll show you once it’s here. In the meantime, check out her other things. I especially love the hats.

– Agathe


One thought on “The Amazing Beth Beverly

  1. OceanBetweenUs says:

    Is it weird that I totally remember that winged comb? You were the first person I knew of to buy from Etsy with regularity. I wrote that in the post above! – Aja


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