Très Doux

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Yesterday on my metro ride home from work, I felt myself growing faint on the hot subway car.  I chalked it up to a serious lack of sleep, not nearly enough food and a jammed packed seventeen hour work day.  A couple noticed me slumped over and immediately ran to my rescue, giving me candy to raise my blood sugar and staying with me until I assured them I was feeling better.  Today, I got their address and left a bottle of wine and a sports team hat on their doorstep (they had come from the game too).  They sent me a lovely thank you message and expressed how surprised they were.  But why not?  Whenever I lose my faith in humanity something like that happens and I decide I best not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I was super late to the instagram game and every day I discover new accounts to love.  My current favorite is an Australian cakery, Nectar and Stone.   I would say “too pretty to eat” but let’s be real, that’s never stopped me before.  I get such a charge out of giving people presents that are stunning looking and functional.  If I lived in Australia, needless-to-say, I would buy them for every occasion and always keep a box around specifically for giving and bringing to parties.  Way more interesting and festive than a bottle of wine.

My idea of the good life is always having gorgeous presents to give to loved ones.  One day I hope to be financially sound enough to keep a case of Veuve in my basement at all times.  Because life is often worth celebrating, if nothing else.

–  Aja

PS –   Nectar and Stone on facebook‘s is also a wealth of sweet food porn goodness.


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