Do I Need This?


Listen, I’m sorry you got beat at Yahtzee and that your Bang & Olufsen cassette player doesn’t work but I have a really pressing matter which needs addressing. (I am glad that I took a moment to chat on fb with you and B about him beating you though.  It offered some much needed laughs to a hellish day.  You are both poor sports from what I gather.)  But do I need this Suno dress?  The easy answer is “no” because nobody needs anything in this gluttonous world besides food, water, shelter and a bit of love.  But hear me out.  It’s 85% off the original price, which still makes it a rather expensive piece to purchase.  But I’ve been working my little rear to pieces lately and feel like rewards are in order.  I’ve watched it for six months.  The impulsive shopper I used to be, no more.  Now I sit on everything, sometimes waiting too long and missing out.  So?

–  Aja


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