Technical Problems


I rarely get angry, but if there’s one thing that makes me angry, it is technical problems. It is probably partially because I am completely clueless when it comes to how stuff works and also because we’re in 2014 and the future should have been here by now. Technical problems are so 90s.

Some months ago I found a Bang & Olufsen cassette player (the Beocord 2000) at a secondhand shop. It is really cool. It is very minimalistic and futuristic (or at least it was in the 80s) and it can even be hung on the wall. Thing is, it doesn’t work. But now we have Google, that’s at least one good thing about technology, Google knows everything. So I googled the issue I had with it and found out that it most likely needed the bands changed. I found new bands online (once again thank you internet). I also got a new cord that enabled me to plug it into my Technics receiver. I just never got around to doing anything about it because I strongly dislike this stuff.

This is a good thing with having a boyfriend, I can dump all the chores I dislike onto him. Like sawing up firewood (I don’t like machines that make noise) and stuff like that. B gets to do it. So yesterday, I put him on the cassette player job. Of course I couldn’t help but meddle, which made me really stressed out and irritated. We bumped into so many issues in the process, just fitting the screws in, and getting the bands properly on, everything proved a challenge. We got it together though, tested it, it worked! For like one minute. Then it refused to cooperate any longer. It was dead.

When stuff like this happens, I get really grumpy. I don’t like having things sitting that don’t work, I don’t like having issues with technical stuff because really we should be beyond that now (not ignoring the fact that the player is from the 80s) and I don’t like having shit like this hanging over my head. I was moping for some time, realizing it was probably the first time B had seen me that way, and then thinking something needed to be done. So what can you do? Open a bottle of Champagne and play Yahtzee.

See, that was what the whole Yahtzee deal was about, shifting the focus over to something fun and bubbly. Thing is, I had forgotten what a sore loser I am. And I was losing badly. It did not help at all. To make matters even worse, B felt sorry for me for sucking. I didn’t really win in the end, Aja, it was a tie. Luckily, that was good enough for me, at least I didn’t lose, and he even let me believe I had won. Two bottles of bubbles later and four rounds of Yahtzee, the whole cassette player deal was forgotten, and I passed out with a smile on my face. Now I’m thinking that what I really need to do is send the player to someone who knows how to do this, a boyfriend doesn’t work on everything, technical problems are still technical problems.

– Agathe


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