Beanie Heaven!


Last night over some quality bonding with my friends Kim and Sarah they both complimented my cheapo beanie. For $1.99 it falls pretty perfectly upon my massive crown. Normally I so shamelessly have to blurt out exactly where I purchased the item but in this case, they legitimately wanted to know because winter is on it’s way.  I promised them I would forward the details along so they could get all the colors of the rainbow like I have. (I think neon yellow and purple will be in my next order.  I already have royal blue, green, heather grey, red and black.)

Since I know you and B love a good a good beanie, I thought this information would be best shared here.  I always recommend you go for the homemade option if you can.  But if you’re short on cash, this is the next best thing! Random little eBay shop out of Texas that carries a wide variety of knives for all your hunting needs.  This will come in handy when you and B are skinning reindeer with your bare hands in the dead of winter, my little rustic darlings.  (Or gutting fish, or butchering chickens … I swear you are way more badass than I.  I am a wimp of epic proportions when it comes to that stuff.)

If you ever try and feed me reindeer meat, really … just don’t tell me until after I’ve eaten it.  Xo!

– Aja

PS – They ship worldwide!


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