Re: Loved Despite Great Faults


I can already steal a couple right off your list!

1. Impulsive. Yes, oh yes. Getting married after a month? Yes, that sounds like me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. It makes my life very interesting and even though I occasionally make some bad choices, most of the time it’s just good fun. It also causes me to take quick decisions, the bigger the decision, the faster I’ll make a choice. I have more trouble choosing what to eat for dinner than who do dump or date. I guess part of it is that we follow our hearts? The heart always knows.

2. Hard on myself. I recognize the beating myself up over things that happened ages ago. Some things never seem to fade away. Some things make me blush to this day. Some things I wish I could delete for ever.

3. Impatient. I never expected to be the most patient of moms, and I was right (although I am way better that I’d ever imagine). But I’m not only impatient with others, I’m impatient with most things. I want things to happen quickly and I can never really get why they don’t always do. When I work on a project, I always enjoy finishing it more than I enjoy doing it. Sometimes I do a sloppy job just to get to the end result.

4. All or nothing. I suck at spending my energy on more than one thing at the same time. When I do something, I do it with all of my soul and heart. This can be a good trait. It can also mean that I overdo some things and neglect other things. It makes me nerdy sometimes, sometimes it makes me a difficult person to be around, at other times, it explains my impulsiveness and impatience.

5. Too honest. Okay, I’m not that sort of person that will tell you what I think if you don’t ask for it. I’m not for pointing out other people’s faults at all times and I’m not really very judgmental anyway. But the closer to people I get, the more honest I’ll be, and sometimes, honesty hurts. I’ll poke at uncomfortable things and scratch the surface of anything I’m curious about to see what’s underneath. And then I’ll give you my point of view. Some people have hated me for that.

I am sure I could list many more. Some I don’t even want to get into because I just want to let them go. Also, I’ve been alone for so long that I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of my faults, and I’m sure I’ll soon be reminded of them. Then I’ll make a new list.

But tell me, what’s with the grudge? Same old, or anything I don’t know about? I feel like we haven’t talked properly for ages. Apart from a lot going on both with you and me, I’ve been feeling quite poorly for some time now. I’ve spent the past few days resting up as much as I possibly can. I just want to feel better!

– Agathe

Collage from here.


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